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An Eco-Friendly Solution at a Fraction of the Cost

Every year in the US, hundreds of thousands of thermal (dual) paned windows are replaced due to moisture, causing extensive costs and filling of landfills. Our unique patented system restores the clarity and view of foggy windows and restores the insulation value (r-value) back to windows which helps reduce heating and cooling costs.

Does a foggy window means the seal is broken on my window?

Contrary to popular belief, it is not a failure of the windows.  The fact is that if windows were sealed airtight, they would explode.

The main cause of foggy windows is called solar pumping. It is the result of air molecules expanding when heated and contracting when cold.  The seal absorbs this moisture but eventually reaches its moisture threshold, leaving you with condensation or foggy windows.

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Who can Benefit from the Orange County Window Defogger Service?

Simply put, everybody. *  Home Inspectors * Real Estate Agents * Property  Managers * Commercial Buildings * Residental Homes

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